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May 22 2018

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Totally here for bi squids. (full article here)

I couldn’t resist

The representation we deserve


…………………………………………..slime man and garfunkel

I’m living proof that naps solve all of my body aches and problems

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‘Nobody should do that to anybody else’

…Patrick felt a strong desire to take his father’s lip in both hands and tear it like a piece of paper. along the gash already made by his teeth.

No not that. He would not have that thought. The obscene necessity of going over the curtain pole. Not that, he would not have that thought. Nobody should do that to anybody else. He could not be that person. Bastard.

Patrick growled. his teeth bared and clenched. He punched the side of the coffin with his knuckles to bring him round. How should he play this scene from the movie of his life? He straightened himself and smiled contemptuously… - Edward St Aubyn, Bad News

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wild wild west.

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Pauline Waiting (1939). Sir James Gunn (Scottish, 1893-1964). Oil on canvas. Royal Academy of Arts.

The setting for this painting is the lobby of Claridge’s. In the foreground Pauline is painted in sharp detail, while behind her, in softer focus, Gunn depicts the life of the hotel – a woman lighting her friend’s cigarette, the waiter and the pianist. Unlike his other more straightforward portraits, Pauline Waiting has a slight narrative element, with a frisson of suggestiveness as to whom Pauline may be waiting for in this smart London hotel.

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Benedict as Shere Khan in Mowgli. (Source)

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Please reblog.

You can donate to www.bearsearscoalition.org 


Sometimes being witchy is watering the plants with my witch hat on and making the neighbor kids stare in awe and wonder as they whisper ‘is he a wizard?’ loud enough for me to hear.

Me as a lawyer


BUT, your honor, I googled it twice 

Deep waters john,I may have to go deeper into it

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I’m trying to watch tab on my tv for the first time but I can’t look it in the eye


me: time for sleepy :)

my garbage body: hot hot hot no cold no HOT bad bad, throw up??? no, hungry, NO remember that mistake you made at work. Internalize it. Never forget. Back hurt yes headache YES hot yes roll over r-RA RA RASPUTIN, RUSSIA’s GREATEST LOVE MACHI-

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