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June 15 2017

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Gratuitous Sherlock GIFs

Oh, forget him. He’s an idiot. Why else would he think himself a suspect? Pass me over.

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since the whole Gay Babadook thing got popular, i’ve honestly gotten less paranoid being home alone in my (pretty creepy) house. whenever i hear a bump, i just think “oh that’s just the babadook in my my basement, doing his gay shit” and it’s suddenly not scary

Thank You, Gay Babadook

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Okay but the backstory behind this statue is dope af. The artist behind it Jason deCaires Taylor, he does a bunch of other underwater art pieces that many of you have probably seen on the internet……. He owns the first UNDERWATER MUSEUM in Cancun which has sculptures like these: 

He even did sculptures in London called “The Rising Tide”, so that when the high tide comes around, the statues are completely underwater. 

And the best part about the underwater Museums is that the Museum’s environment is 100% protected and conserved under the artist. Which means the marine life won’t be subject to careless oil spills and pollution. 

So yeah…. art can be turned into something that helps out the world in its little ways and that’s the shit I live for  

This is really cool.

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angery doods

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sherlock!porn [remake - 7/?]
    ↳ scarf II


*picks up dog’s left paw* no wedding ring? interesting

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Ahhh, that hits the spot

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If you guys won’t help me, I guess I’ll just get myself off… Context. Context was important on that one.

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A bigger version so you can see that outfit in all its glory (x)

Oh, Martin. Stop being this fabulous.

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matching icons for you and your friends

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