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August 08 2017

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I’ve never been to a killers concert but I’m sure as hell I’d lose my shit

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The moment benecio comes out in th wedding dress

makeup stuff

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OK so no to mascara becuase my eyelashes are too long for them to look right and they look spidery so nope and I can’t seem to get the eyeliner right even though I’ve tried almost all eyeliner products?? my eyes can’t do them?? also no bright colors in lipstick either I guess I’ll never be able to do any of the makeup trends ever which is sad but ey that’s how it be 

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Tove Jansson and lover and collaborator Tuulikki Pietilä on their tiny rocky island of Klovharu where they spent their summers over many decades, 1955.

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she’s living

uhm, seeing The Killers live just has this kind of affect on you??? like bruh they open up with Mr. Brightside and close with When You Were Young. How can you possibly help yourself? 

August 07 2017

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~the racing mind and the human heart~

Sherlock was drawn in pencils and the background and colored details were done digitally. 

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The Shape Of Water (2017) dir. Guillermo del Toro


are you a bra wlw, sports bra wlw, tits:out wlw, or bralette wlw



yall know that pratt and faris just separated right like they didn’t die their bloated corpses didn’t wash up on miami beach they just did a regular peoples thing that peoples do

like if i have to read “love is dead” AGAIN in the literal same week that ‘in a heartbeat’ reached 21m views im gonna hurl

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Found this on Facebook! BOOST!

Tell Etsy that #ThisIsNotNative

This is why I stopped selling on Etsy. I got really sick and tired of all that nonsense.

To purchase authentic native american artistry, heres a list of indigenous owned businesses you can support:






































More at: http://www.beyondbuckskin.com/p/buy-native.html

Reblogging for A+ links. 


imagine if instead of weeaboos there were people OBSESSED with eastern europe. cons full of people cosplaying in their best adidas three stripe tracksuit. squatting competitions. people getting elitist over vodka brands.

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Letters Live gang at the Wilderness festival <3

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when someone reblogs my posts with “i ghostwrote this” i get weirdly defensive

cuz like

no u didnt. i did. fuck u. my funny internet jokes are the only thing i have in life, dont take that away from me.

your days are fucking numbered, kid

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